Drug Addiction Research & Treatment


Addiction Research and Treatment dba BAART, has been providing drug treatment and rehabilitation services since 1977. BAART offers treatment within BAART Programs' continuum of care that includes opioid treatment programs, behavioral health services and primary medical care. From San Francisco to Omaha, and Vermont to Los Angeles, we have helped patients all over the country through our commitment to effective drug treatment options including the methadone and suboxone methods.



The goal of BAART is to provide quality, individualized opioid treatment at affordable rates and at convenient locations.


BAART has received three-year accreditation by CARF-the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission BAART is licensed and certified by the State of California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.

Our program includes:

• Methadone Addiction Maintenance
• Individualized Counseling
• Psychosocial Services
• Group Therapy*
• HIV Screening
• HCV Screening
Buprenorphine Treatment*
• Case Management*
• Relapse Prevention
* call clinic for availability

Affordable Treatment:

• Medi-Cal
• MediCare
• Low Cost Sliding Fee Scale

Eligibility Requirements:

• At least 18 years of age
• Have a photo ID
• Evidence of opiate addiction
• Agreement to adhere to program policies and procedures


BAART Treatment Clinics

San Francisco Bay Area
Oakland Bay Area
Fresno Area
Los Angeles Area
Chandler, Arizona
Omaha, Nebraska
Durham, North Carolina