Methadone Drug Treatment

Medical Based Drug Treatment Methods

Since 1977 BAART has been offering the most effective drug treatment solutions to the communities that we serve. Over time and through advances in the medical community, we have been able to provide new methods like methadone treatment, that have proven to be the most successful rehab option for so many patients. We are proud to have seen so many patients overcome their addiction to prescription drugs through methadone treatment in the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas, as well at our other clinics across the country in Chandler, Durham, Omaha, Fresno and Vermont. Below are some resources to further understand what methadone treatment is and how it works, and we hope that you will contact us with any further questions or to start your road to recovery.

What is Methadone and How Does it Work?

Methadone is a drug commonly used to treat opiate addiction and relieve pain. It is however not used to treat other non-opioid drug addictions to substances like alcohol, marijuana or cocaine. Methadone blocks the receptors in the brain that are affected by opiates, such as oxycontin and other prescription drugs, enabling users to experience a more gradual detox process rather than a more extreme and painful withdrawl process. Methadone is available in the form of a pill or oral solution, and has been available in the US for more than 65 years.

Methadone reduces the drug cravings and harsh withdrawal symptoms that are often associated with a patient's relapse, without creating the sense of euphoria associated with the abuse of heroin and other opiates. Methadone's effects last between 24 and 36 hours, and therefore most patients benefit from a single daily dose.

Is Methadone Safe?

When used as prescribed, methadone can safely be taken continuously over a period of weeks, months and even years without any harsh side effects. According to the U.S. Office of National Drug Control Policy, methadone is "a rigorously well-tested medication that is safe and efficacious for the treatment of narcotic withdrawal and dependence." In addiction, methadone is no way impairing to mental function or daily activities. It is prescribed by licensed nurses with the approval of a physician, under strict state and federal guidelines, and only produced by licensed pharmaceutical companies.

Other Facts About Methadone:

-Methadone's effectiveness in treatment of opiod addiction has been proven for over 40 years

-Studies show that there are no serious side effects to methadone use. Minor side effects such as head aches, nausea and a changed libido had been documented but they all diminished upon the patient finding their correct dosage.

-In addition to its effectiveness, methadone is one of the most affordable drug treatment options for opiod and prescription medication addiction.

-Methadone affects the body very differently than opiate drugs and is used in an approved course of action, so you are not simply substituting one drug for another.

-Methadone will not show up in a drug test unless a company tests specifically for it, which is a very uncommon practice. Furthermore, a patient participating in an approved methadone maintenance program is not abusing an illegal drug. In fact, methadone patients are covered under the Americans with Disabilities Act, which means that methadone use cannot be used to deny employment.

-It is not illegal to operate a motor vehicle or other machinery while taking methadone for drug treatment purposes.

-Use of methdone, depending on the patient, can last for months, years or sometimes is indefinite. Withdrawl from methadone use is very possible, and safe.

For more information about BAART methadone treatment, contact us at 415-552-7914 in the San Francisco area. Visit our local pages to find out more about our methadone treatment centers in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Durham, Fresno, Omaha and Chandler.